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ClientFitWithATPYear2021 - 2022PlatformFacebook, Instagram and WhatsAppShare


Fit with Atp is a top-rated international virtual fitness trainer who has transformed over 10,000 people in four years.


They are well-known for their celebrity transformations, particularly among film actresses. They have a lot of success with influencial marketing.

In addition, they hold webinars. However, conversion rates for webinars are extremely low. It denotes a negative return on investment. They must achieve a threefold increase in conversion return on investment.


There were restrictions on medicine and health issues in Google and Facebook.

Because they are busy people, their majority of customers are premium and working professionals who are difficult to reach.

The majority of webinar returns are close to average.

Everything is dependent on the number of webinar participants.


We add international locations and implement a different strategy there.

We use automation to avoid human interaction because sometimes humans are slow to respond to leads.

When a customer submits a lead, an automation funnel is launched, which includes an auto welcome message, a WhatsApp chatbot, and auto followup.

Last-minute reminder message on autopilot.


They got 300% success result.

They got more international audience europe, us orient.

Attendees gain 60% in total leads.

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