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6 Fastest Selling Tips in WhatsApp

1. Share your Whatsapp number and link broadly.

If you want people to call you or send you messages, put your phone number prominently displayed. This means that when you share a poster or text message, you should include your phone number or a link in that content.

Website —
Make our self — here phone number with country code without bracket) Eg-

2.Make broadcast list and put labels on it.

You can create broadcast lists or groups over which you have complete control.
We believe that a broadcast list gives us more freedom and privacy when communicating with a lead, whereas labels allow for better customization of messages and activities.

Labels and Broad cast

3. Distribute customer-benefit posters and letters

Show The Gains
Every product has a major benefit, maximize it.
They don’t connect with you if you don’t provide them value.

Benefit Mode Poster and Content

4.Connect with the customer three times per month.(relationship selling)

Selling requires developing a relationship with a customer; a customer will only purchase from you if they have confidence in your words.
Therefore, establish a relationship with you. Therefore, connect three times during a month.

Story replay and Group

5.Tell your story in letter mode

Storytelling is profitable.

If you are already successful in your area, share your storey and the stage you are currently in; this will help people connect with you.

Story Telling text message

6. Tell offers on different mode

If you have an attractive offer, promote it; this will significantly increase your sales conversions.You can design a poster in a variety of customer benefit modes.

Different mode offer

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